Ok. First thing, I finnaly

Ok. First thing, I finnaly got my Cd’s from BMG. It just took them 2 months….I don’t know if I like them now. I’ve listened to the first CD, the Gin Blossoms Greatest Hits….It was good, but quick. I’m not sure if I got the best value with it. Right now Moby/Everything Is Wrong is in. Def. an improvment. I’m def. liking it. If you look at the web cam, you can see me trying to pack. Right now, I’m sorting through my magazines. I’m keeping the Rolling Stones cause I’m thinking about doing some kind of collage with them next semester. And I’m keeping the Men’s Health cause I want to read the articles about getting in shape. (I’m not just looking at the guys, really). The rest of them I have to look through and decide if I need them or not. And I still need to goto the library and finish one last final project. Thank god this is the last day
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