What a long day. I

What a long day. I was going to drive up to Davis to see Misty, because she is leaving in a couple of days and I wanted to say goodbye (it wouldn’t have hurt if we could have hooked up cause I think she is really cool), but has I was stuck in traffic, I thought that I should go to Napa instead and visit Amber. So, I treked to Napa to Amber’s house, where I FINALLY met the captivating Tosca. So I stayed at the house chatting with Tocsa and washing their dishes until we found out that Amber was at their Improv Gropu meeting. So I tagged along and saw through their practice (Which was really great, I even got up and did a scene). I didn’t get to talk to Amber too much, but we are going up to Susanville this weekend to goto Lesa’s Mom’s house, so we can catch up then. Afterwards, I went to Vallejo to talk to Suzanne, but she wasn’t home. I waited an hour and then I left to drive back to the city. 15 min after I get in the house, Suzanne shows up. She must have been right on my ass. So we talked about things and got things cleared up between us (I hope). Which leads me to closure, my ex’s (girlfriends, friends, roommates) have closue over me, but I don’t think that I have closure over them. I think that I get to the point where I can move on, but I always leave a window of opportunity, no matter how small it is , open, That’s probably a bad thing, but if you really love somebody, can you really close it all the way. I had a lot more to say about this, but I am ready to pass out. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have more to say.
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