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Just got back from the Olive Garden at Stonestown. One thing to stay, THEY MAKE THE BEST DRINKS!!! I mean, I goto other places and they either water down the drinks or don’t put any alcohol in their drinks. But the Olive Garden, Oh baby. Excellent drinks, with plenty of Alcohol. So I got two of my essay questions done and I’ve been goofing off for most of the day. I was about tostart on the rest of the questions when Lesa and Jarred show up. So they changed and we went out to dinner at the Olive Garden. I really like Jarred, he is a good guy. I wish that we could be better friends. I don’t know we are cool, but I always feel that distance between us. Well, I want to plan a trip with the gang to Las Vegas. I just need to work out the logistics. What else, I found out that at least two people still think that I’m attractive. That was a nice ego stroke. What else, my room and my web site are a mess. What to do, I should start packing but, I’m going to wait to the last minute, just has long has I’m done before 8pm. They charge $50/half hour after 8pm. Yikes….OK, I have to finish these essay questions. More tonight….
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