Ok…tomorrow I REALLY need to

Ok…tomorrow I REALLY need to sneak in a roll of toilet paper to use…..It’s not that I’m stingy or anything…it’s just that I always am the one to buy the stuff that everybody uses and with the TP, somebody used sh*tloads of the stuff for everything from wiping his *ss to blowing his nose and just wasting tons of it. O.K., maybe I am a little petty, but I am not going to cave in. Just like it will not be me to clean up this place for everybody before they leave. I mean, I’m bringing boxes and tape home from work so they can pack. SO I think it’s only fair if somebody else cleans the kitchen and the living room, esp since I’ve done it numerous times….God, that was a B*tch rant. Let me shut up and go downstaris to the bathroom
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