Random thoughts

  • I really shouldn’t be eating out, but I love getting oatmeal & coffee from the Cafe on the Ave before work. It’s just oatmeal with brown sugar & cream, but it’s so good. 
  • Just realized that my pants have a hole in the crotch. A pretty airy one considering the breeze that is blowing through it. Guess it’s good that I’m wearing boxer briefs instead of a jock or thong. 
  • Looking at the boats out in the sound this morning, I can conclude that Shrimping is indeed not easy. 
  • My to-do list is starting to get larger and larger. Not good. 
  • Not sure why I’m skipping medication or using my CPAP, but I need to get back on it. 
  • It’s another beautiful San Francisco day up here in Seattle. Hopefully it’s a good day at work.