My wedding dream

I was in a banquet room with a whole bunch of people all dressed up.  April was there, but she wasn’t the bride.  We had these crown to put on and no one could figure out how to put them on except for April.  The bride also lost her wedding vows, so she was rewriting them.  I had my on a piece of paper.  It was only two lines, but I was going to based the rest of the vows around those two lines. Then I walked out with the best man to where the wedding was at to let the guest know that we were about ready to start.  But the band and the party started too soon so me and the best man had to jump into the line somehow.  And it was a weird wedding march, it was like we were stepping or dancing to the alter.  The best man was freaking out and I told him to calm down since all he had to do was to give me the ring and make a speech at the wedding.  Not sure if the best man was Jesse or Jason, then the bride’s music came on and I woke up.

I wonder who the bride was?