All mixed up…

I am not having a good week. I wonder if it has to do to the fact that I ran out of Prozac this week. Basicly I’ve gone from not having any feelings and being “dead to the world” to back to being moody and depressed. Should the effects of prozac wear off that quickly? Anyway, I see the Dr. Brickner today, so she can drug me up on some new drugs. I think that I’m going to make this a journal weekend and just write away. Just not going to do it right now at work (too early for me to break down in front of the new guy). I just took a look at the last 10 songs that I listened too. Man, what a mix of different things…
Jay-Z – Excuse Me Miss
INXS – Let It Ride
Norah Jones – Be Here to Love Me
Beastie Boys – Futterman’s Rule
Trisha Yearwood – Down on My Knees
Spice Girls – Weekend Love
Green Day – Poprocks
The Fugees – Ready or Not
Johnny Cash – So Doggone Lonesome