.Wednesday rantings

– Eating some Tuna Helper over rice right now. It has filled me up nicely, although I think that I ate too much. I can feel my stomach expanding even as we speak. Hopefully, the hurting won’t begin until after Angel tonight.

– Also drinking flat Coke and I have a McFlurry in the freezer waiting for me (Tim won it at lunch today, and gave it to me). I know, what about my teeth.

– Barry called me from his cell phone to let me know that he finally knows how to use it. Yay!

– Have already promised 3% of my lottery winnings to Tim, Mark, and Barbara. No more, have to save the rest for myself Can’t be giving out millions to everybody.

– Sorry, Chocolate and Pineapple should never be mentioned in the same
sentence or mixed together.

– Web site is slowly coming together. Still aiming for a Nov. 1 start. Need to find a new webcam client so that I can stream video instead of the 10 sec. delay. at least have it at 5 sec.

– Got my credit report in the main. My FICO score is actually alot higher than I though it would be. It’s amazing and sad to see how I fuck myself over with credit cards. There are some accounts that I need to call and see if they were closed or not. Also need to call the credit agency to change address info.