.body image update

– Currently there is a larger than usual breakout occurring on the face. Daily
implantations of facial scrubs and facial masks being applied to slow down and stop more
clogged pores from forming. Teeth whitening continues with limited success.

– The arms are looking a little more defined, but not by much. Unfortunately, horrible farmer’s tan line can be seen. Wondering if going to the nude beach and tanning for a day would clear that up. Also
rumors are popping up again that a tattoo might be on one of the arms by the end of the year.

– Love handle is still in last known position. The right handle continues to look larger than the left side, for some odd region. Another push has begun to get rid of love handle with diet. Focus on this diet is to cut out all liquids except for milk and water, cut back on rice and pasta, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Although physical activity will increase due to work getting busy, without a clear workout plan, analysis are predicting little to no effect on love handle.

– Still surprised at the fact that I can now wear 34 waist jeans now without a struggle, Looking for a scale so I can get an
accurate measurement of my weight (Two scales at parent’s house clocked me at 175 and 182.)

– Penile region still looking well after trimming hairs a couple of weeks ago.

– Legs and feet are looking bad, as usual. Both shins have been banged up at work, the toes need a
pedicure or a priest. Thinking again of shaving them, thanks to watching a show that talked about it (had to do with the ‘Metrosexual‘ movement that the media has been reporting on.) Analysis don’t expect any action to take place.

[Listening to: Back And Forth – Aaliyah – Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number (03:51)]

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  1. -Bath and Body Works just came out with their new skin care line and it is FANTASTIC, to say the VERY least. The unfortunate thing about it is that getting the full scope will cost you about $60.00. However, it is 100% refundable, will last a good while, and is SO VERY MUCH WORTH IT. I use it myself.
    -It will help if you just wear tanktops or go shirtless for a little while everyday. Maybe you can walk for a little bit in the sun (mornings, perhaps?) in them/shirtless and that might also help the…
    -So-called “lovehandle problem”. I like a little meat on my men, but that’s me (and a lot of my girlfriends too). Lean and mean machines = not my thang.
    -Scales? Meh. Going by your clothes and the way you look and feel is good enough isn’t it? Really, that’s all that really gets affected — sizes and such, etc.
    -Glad to know you are keeping things trimmed and neat. Everyone should do it.
    -Again, I can suggest Bath and Body Works wholeheartedly, but my no-frills-but-works suggestion is to buy vaseline, put some on your feet, and then put on cotton socks. Maybe you can do it while you’re at your computer, or sleep with them on if you can sleep with socks (some people cannot). This works wonders. Also, exfoliate or brush them someho

  2. face. try desonide. get your doc to hook you up. clears facial eruptions right up. a form of cortisone. i have excema. hey do you get razor bumbs. black men, we get razor bumps. how do you tackle this situation? i don’t trim my pubes, not enough hair so i comb them rather. fingerwaves! no taco meat.
    i went from 300 down to 220 just by adding walking and veggies to my diet. soy milk too. mad push ups to keep the man boobs at bay. soon i can wear a bulletproof vest like 50 cent.

  3. Response to comments:
    – I usually use a mix of St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub and their Hydroxy Peeloff Mask. My mom also gave me some stuff from this company called Charmzone. However, I am almost out of the St. Ives, so maybe I’ll pay a visit to Bayfair Mall and see. You still have some of those discout keytags?
    – My face isn’t that bad that I need the prescription stuff. I don’t think I need it…
    – I get some razor bumps, but not that bad. Most of them are under my chin, so no one really sees them.
    – I don’t have any tanktops and I HATE going topless, mainly because of my A-cups. The problem with work is that I am mostly inside and don’t get enough direct light. Still, maybe I’ll go down to the beach this weekend and go topless if it is warm enough.
    – I’m not trying to go anerexic skinny or anything. I like a little sumthin on my women too. I just want a little less handle. I hate doing sit-ups, so I know that I’ll never have a 6-pack or anything like that.
    – I still want to know what my official weight is.
    – It also gives me an extra inch or two, which every guy wants.
    – I have to trim the pubes every now and then, it just gets too hairy down there. After I trim, it just looks cleaner, and I get an extra inch or two back. I just trim though, don’t like the total shaved look.
    – I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to eat healthier. Mainly, it’s been just to cut out the junk food and sweets. I also started to get more exercise then I used too. That’s help keep me from going over the 200 mark. At one point the plan was for me to get down to 150-160 lbs., which was my weight in high school, I think. However, I’ve become more realistic with my weight goals. I can’t do soy milk, I have a hard enough time drinking 2% (Actually I have whole milk in the fridge right now). I was going to the gym when I was at my old place. I still can get into the gym, however I haven’t really gone since I’ve moved. The plan was to go after work and work-out for an hour 3 time a week. However, I always forgot something (Clothes, shoes, just forgot to go). I’ll try again after work slows down a bit.
    – Sounds kinky to me…Vaseline and socks?
    – Taco Meat?

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