2GB will be more than enough room…

I said those word back in 1995, 96, 97, when I had a Acer P60 computer with a whopping 32MB of RAM and 650MB Hard Drive.

I find myself uttering those same words, except now I have a 120GB hard drvie, a AMD Althon 1.2
GHz computer and 512MB of RAM. Already regretting getting this hard drive, but at $79 after rebates, how can I say no. Just need to make sure I fill out the rebate forms correctly. One wrong move like forgetting to dot an “I” or crossing a “t” and
there goes my rebate.

Just went through my system and I think I’m ready for the grand task of installing a new hard drive. I back up all of my stuff and haven’t uploaded much since I’ve been back on the internet, so no worries there. Tomorrow, I’ll move the computer into the kitchen and operate from there. **fingers crossed**

Finished Harry Potter and was very satisfied with it. Even if I didn’t like Harry Potter, at $9.99, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Of course, I have to reread it over again, but I’ll wait until after inventory is done.

My camera is loaded with pictures, but I haven’t been inclined to download them to my computer. Not sure why, just not

Thursday, Amy and I are going out to dinner and seeing the new Sinbad movie, if my free passes ever arrive. Haven’t seen Amy for awhile and this is long overdue.

I haven’t seen alot of my friends in awhile (except for Angie). Between being busy with everything at work, moving to a new place, and my own personal demons, I’ve been kinda withdrawn. But work is a good place for me, because it focuses me to think about other things instead of staying at home brooding over a particular thing. Still, I think Tim is starting to get worried about me, I’m sure he would talk to me if he knew how late I was working.

**sigh** I have books from the library that I checked out, but after reading Harry Potter, I don’t have the slightest interest in them. I should read one of them at least.

So it’s Wednesday (gawd it’s only Wednesday) and I’m already looking towards the weekend (well, after inventory). Going to try and by tickets Thursday night to go and see my family. Def. looking like the last week of July. Also need to take time off just to take time out. Tim’s right at the fact that I worry way too much about work. Bu tsomeone has too, I guess.

Of course, all of this rambling is not what I’m thinking about right now. Just typing away, avoiding what I’m thinking and should be typing. That’s me, folks.

Anyway, Lesa, if you are reading this, and if I didn’t thank you before, I just wanted to thank you for the
t-shirt that you sent me. And also I should be able to come up for the BBQ in July. I wonder if you even read this. Well, Barry, pass the word along. I guess it would be easier to send you a email. That would be the smart thing to do.

Anyway, I have merchandise bags coming in tomorrow. Fun! Think I will let Mark unload them for practice. He needs to take his test soon.