Hell week continues for me.

Hell week continues for me. I had wanted to take off today and just hide underneath my blankets in my room. However Tim had an interview, so I had to come in today. And then tomorrow, I have a meeting at campus about renting warehouse space. Blah.
And then, I have been getting alot of crushlinks lately. I must be sick, cause I tried to figure out who sent me the link. Don’t worry, I used fake emal addresses, not real ones. So I know that the person who sent me the crush has less than 7 letters in their first and last name before I came to my senses and blocked all emails from Crushlink.
If anybody has a crush on me, I would rather you send me an email directly to me. Or you can send me a text message; or better yet, send some snail mail. Just no bloody rabbits or body parts, o.k.
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