Gawd, I hate defragging my

Gawd, I hate defragging my hard drive. It takes FOREVER (or 2 hours give or take), but at least the deed is done and my drives have been scanned, defragged, and the trash has been taken out.
Also cleaned out the cookies folder for IE. OMG, how did I pick up so many cookies. Anyway, I deleted all of them, and so the cookie collecting process starts anew. Plan on cleaning out my favorites list next, alot of useless links that I never goto.
So this weekend looks like a movie weekend for Mike and myself. He wants to rent some movies tomorrow and I still need to watch the 2nd season of The Sopranos. Did some preliminary budgeting and it looks like I might actually have some money left over after all the bills are paid. Oh God, I hope so. If I can make it to the end of the month without being in the red for once.
The Ren Faire opens this weekend; it’ll be the first one that I haven’t gone to in…..5-6 years? Well, I might cave in and go, but I def. won’t be able to rent a costume. šŸ™

Suzanne and I at RenFaire 2000
and myself.
Suzanne and Mariah
Suzanne's Breasts
Hmmm….I was sure I had the camera aimed at It must have slipped or something…..
Look at the grin on my face.....
Uh…..she was helping me out. Uh yeah, right…..
Mariah and myself
and myself
"Nice beaver on that one...."
Two guys admiring the fine quality of pelts used for her skirt and her top.

So the rest of the night will consist of me drinking some hot chocolate (White Chocolate with some Chocolate Cherry Liquor) and finishing some of these books that I have.
O.K. So I will also sneak in a game of Puzzle Bobble too. šŸ˜›
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