Have decided to give up

Have decided to give up on reading The Bible for right now. Obviously, I am getting the wrong message from it, cause according to The Bible, women are the root of all evil, it is O.K. to give up your virgin daughters to a mob and God endorses the mass killing of his own creation among other things. Think after a week or so, I will head to Borders and start with a children’s bible.
While I am in disagreement with God over mass killing, I think that it should be his decision, and not our president. I’m sorry, I will be so pissed if Bush leads us into a war against Iraq. For what, so that he can finish what his dad started 10 years ago? **sigh** If Bush only spent this much energy on domestic issues, like the economy.
Oy F’ing Vey is all I can say.
Current mood: frustrated
Current music: CoCo Lee, Yo Yo Ma – A Love Before Time (English)