A dark and stormy night…

O.K. maybe not stormy, but it is dark here at the warehouse. Taking a short break from the paper to do some research about my hard drvie. It looks like there has been alot of complaints about the hard drive. It seem like to fix the proble, I would have to reformat my hard drive and reinstall everything. I can sent the HD back to IBM, but I have to pay for shipping, which is BS. And I guess you have to send the HD back in a specific way with foam custions and stuff. Lucky, I have the 20GB, i can just switch boxes. Still, not sure what i’m going to do. I thinking about keeping the 20GB, sending in the 60gb to be replaced, and buyign Eric something else; maybe a PS2. Not sure if I have the money for that though.
**sigh** this paper is getting bigger and bigger. I just wish that I would have had this motivation a month ago. I think that I will stay until 8-9 and then head back home. Maybe Matt will let me use his laptop. I would use Casey’s computer, but he isn’t here and I don’t want to use it and find something that I shouldn’t, like horse porn or something. Not that I would snoop, but if I had to go on the internet and sae his history bar. It could be embarressing. Wonder how Suzanne is doing with her studying.
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