Well, I kinda got my

Well, I kinda got my paper done. It is such crap though, and I found out that I was suppose to use some sources that I didn’t know about. So I guess I’ll have to stop in the library and find some quotes to sprinkle into the paper.
My hours are cut from 40 to 30 starting this week. It sucks cause of the pay cut that I will have to take, but I need the time off to make sure that I do good in school. It’s hard when it is such a beautiul day outside and all you want to do is go driving on highway 1 either down to Santa Cruz and Monterey, or up through Muir Woods to Stintion Beach. **sigh** I’m gonna do my school work, but I’m sure that I’m staring out the window.
Still worried about the conversation that I had with Eddie last night. I told him that as long as he didn’t affect me or mess with my stuff, I didn’t care what he did. So basicly, I’m going back on my word and dealing with this like I did with Quetzal, saying that I’ll just deal with it for the couple of months and then leaving. Probably a bad idea. I hope that he doesn’t do any cocaine while I’m here.
Well, I need to take off and try to get a money order for rent. I really need to get some checks.
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