Daily Archives: May 31, 2001

I have $69 for food

I have $69 for food and other stuff until July 14th. Hmmm. I wonder if I should ask for a loan from the Bank of Mom and Dad
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Just paid rent, so I

Just paid rent, so I guess I am officially stuck here for the summer. The next door neighbors are moving to Park Merced. They got a 3bdr townhouse; and are paying $400/month for it each. But I don’t know if I could handle living in a place with six guys.
Got a stand for my computer from work. But I think that it is too big. I also need to take the computer apart and take a look at the USB cables. One of the front USB pulgs is not working.
I am def. not feel too well. Those damn nacho chips at work. I know that they are bad for me, but I always eat a pack cause they are at the warehouse and they are free. Hmmm, no walking around for me right now; maybe later tonight. Def. no Tae-bo.
I think that I am going to take a shower and then lay down and try to feel better. I also need to call Mew tonight since I forgot to yesterday.
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**pant, pant, pant**

At work, panting and feeling really lethargic. Trying to start on the inventory, but I am too hot to think clearly.
Got a shipment of Beanie Kids today. There is this one that is in doctor clothers (scrubs, cap, and stethoscope. Anyway, this is what it says on his tag:
“A little naghty I’m known to be, make sure you don’t take your eyes off me!”
WTF, is he the male stripper beanie or what.
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Billy Banks can kiss my big black ass…

So one of the things on my wishlist for my birthday was the Tae-bo DVD cause I want to get in shape. Suzanne got it for me for my birthday and I have been putting off playing it cause of school and stuff. Well today, I finally put it in and did the instructional part of the DVD.
Well, not only am I out of shape, I’m also seriously rhythm deficient; to the point that I will never be able to keep up with Mr. Banks.
“After one workout, you’ll understand why people call Taebo ‘addictive, fun, powerful and life-changing”. Anyways…
In hindsight, maybe I should have seen if I could rent the DVD first to see what it was like. Maybe I should have gotten Richard Simmons Sweating To The Oldies. At least there would have been out of shape people like myself instead of fit workout instructors. But it is too late for me to return it. I wonder if I could sell it on EBay and buy Suzanne something. **sigh** I guess I will stick with it. Maybe, I’m being too fat negative about it. Maybe once I move into the basic workout, it will get better. Maybe I’m just screwed.
Anyway, I am going to wash some clothes and take a shower. Then I can scrounge up some food and catch up on some emails.
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