Last.FM Top music from 2022

The full report which just seems really off. Top Artist being Rockabye Baby! is fine, I guess. I like listening to Pop, Rock, and Rap songs played as a baby lullaby when I sleep. And I’ve gathered a collection so when I do shuffle, there is a good chance one of them will be picked.

James Brown being the Top Album is surprising. Not that the collection isn’t good, or I haven’t listened to it multiple times, but to be number one is surprising. The top five albums are really surprising; I just don’t think I’ve listened to these albums enough this year for all of them to be in the top five.

And for top tracks, I like Led Zeppelin and Communication Breakdown, but that is not my favorite Led Zeppelin song (Ramble On or Going to California). And how did SZA, H.E.R., or Brent Faiyaz didn’t make it.

Pretty sure it has to do with listening to music on Apple Music on my phone versus listening to music on my computer with iTunes. Last.FM will track all of songs if it is a song from my computer or downloaded on my phone. However, if I listen to it on Apple Music, it depends on whether I’m listening to something from a playlist or a radio station if it will capture the track. And even then, some playlists it will capture the tracks and some it won’t.

Still, looking at the rest of the report, it wasn’t capturing stuff that I was listening to. I thought that I could try and combine the Apple Music Replay report with this, but the information feels so off, that I think I’m just going to have to consider this a lost year.

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