Which Sith Would You Be, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Tiger: Darth Nihilus

With panther-like confidence, Darth Nihilus will stride into the Jedi Conclave on the planet Katarr amidst numerous Jedi and lay waste to all opposition, feeding off the life force of everything on the planet. Likewise, showing a resistance to authority casting out his fellow Triumvirate member Darth Traya, Nihilus seeks to roam the jungle uninhibited by the requirements of others.

Nihilus also showsthe tiger’s imprudence in satiating his ‘hunger,’ gorging himself, and leading to a dependence akin to the Marvel planet eater Galactus. Also, falling to his own tiger-fueled arrogance, Nihilus becomes a thrall to his hunger, thinking he controls it, leading to his destruction at the hands of the Exile Meetra Surik.