Book Of Questions–Question #7

Do you think the world will be a better or worse place a 100 years from now?

What would that be, 2118?  Such a weird number to type and think about.  It’s still somewhat hard to believe that we has a species made it to the year 2000 with all the problems of the world.  I guess I’m a pessimist and think that overall we will be in a worse place 100 years from now.  Thinking about 100 years into the future, images from movies like Elysium, Total Recall, and other media pieces where the rich are super rich and the poor are super poor come to my mind.  Things like beauty and hope are only for those who can afford it while the rest are left with whatever scraps we can find on the ground and under the rug.  I don’t think that we will have gone full Mad Max; maybe just parts of the world.  A city or two might be destroyed by a dirty nuke that some terrorist detonated.  Maybe lifespans will be longer, but I def. wont be able to afford it.  Max and Noah will though.  Maybe they will still have some souvenir that they received from their crazy Uncle Joe before he died. That sounds like a reason for me to buy a Nintendo Switch or a new gaming computer.

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