Book Of Questions – Question# 136

If you knew your child would be severely retarded and would die by the age of five, would you decide to have an abortion?  What are your feelings about killing a handicapped child at birth?  Should a woman have the right to have an abortion for any reason she wants?  What rights should the father have?  If your 15-year-old sister became pregnant, would you want her to have an abortion?  If you had a retarded baby, would you put the child in an institution?

Ugh, random number generator, I don’t use you for awhile and then when I do, this is the question you give me.  **sigh**  Really don’t have enough coffee to deal with answering this question.  And the fact that they use retarded instead of autism or a different term tells how old this book is.  Maybe it’s time to go back to the sex questions.  **sigh**  Stalling.  O.K.  I think that I would choose abortion if I knew that my child was going to be in pain, especially towards their death.  If I knew that they were going to be pain free in those five years, then I think I would not choose to abort.  Of course this is a decision that I would be making with my wife/partner, but in the end they would probably have the final say in the matter.  I think I would focus on making the five years the best five years in the world for our family.  The years after would probably kill me the way that I am now.  I would hope that like some afternoon school special or a movie on Lifetime, the five years would change the person that me and my wife/partner are and we would be strong enough to survive afterwards.  Asking a lot though.

I don’t think that a handicapped child should be killed at birth.  If they made it that far, they should be able to live their life, disabled or not.  We as a society are not medival anymore (except at Ren Faires and even then, we are usually more Elizabethan than medieval…)

A woman should have the right to choose if they want to have an abortion or not.  I think that when it comes to the abortion issue, it gets turned into a pro life/pro death issue and I don’t feel like that is the case.  I’m not a woman, but I feel like it’s a bit more complicated for a woman to decide to abort, regardless of the circumstance.  I don’t think there are many women using abortions as a sexual contraception, although I have to admit when I see some people with kids that they can’t afford, it does make me pause in this thinking.  But that is another subject and I’m already waist deep in this one.

The father should have some say in the matter, but I mean if you really didn’t want to have a child, why didn’t you wear a condom, right?  I feel like the number of women getting pregnant due to condom breaking or poking holes in them is very small.  Like how many drug users are on food stamps.  **sigh**  This feels like another subject on it’s on also.

If my 15 year old sister got pregnant, I would try to support her the best I could regardless of the decision she made.  I hope that my parents would also be helpful and supportive either way although I can see how stressful the situation would be.

I would only put my child in an institution if it was the best thing to do for the child.  I would hope family and friends could help but if was the only option to help my child, then I would do it.

Ugh, I am done.  I just want to take the ferry back home and get back into the covers of my bed and be depressed about mankind on this rainy, gloomy day.