Book Of Questions – Question #97

What are you most compulsive habits?  Do you regularly struggle to break these habits?

A nice topical question considering that the new year is just around the corner.  Past attempts at correcting my bad habits can be seen here, here, and here.  So basically this is just a New Years Resolutions list for 2018.

  1. So obviously I will loose 20 pounds…wait?  I actually did lose 20 pounds this year.  Maybe not the right and healthy way, but going from a high of 260 to a low of 215.  I think I’m going to take it has a win.  Now that I have health insurance again and will be back on meds, the goal is to keep the weight down and not to balloon back up.
  2. Cut back on sugar.  I really need to cut back on the amount of soda I drink.  I was good for awhile, but this year I’ve totally have had more than I should.  The problem is that sugar is in EVERYTHING.  And ITS SO GOOD.  **sigh**  Anyway, no more sodas period.  Just get the sugar from juices, sports drinks, and coffee.  Try to keep it >30g per serving.  And more water.  Continue to use Mio to flavor the water and to wean me off of the sugar.
  3. Stop picking my cuticles.  I used to be a voracious nail biter when I was young, but was able to stop.  Kind of switched to biting/picking my cuticles.  Really should stop.
  4. Clean my room more regularly.  Right now, I do it about every two weeks or so.  Need to try to do it weekly, including folding/hanging clothes instead of leaving them in a pile after I’ve done laundry.
  5. More art.  So many uncompleted art projects.  Need to finish the tiger painting and the tiger scratch board.  Need to do one page in any of my coloring books a week.
  6. More journaling.  Need to be more consistent in my journaling…and blogging.
  7. Got to cut back on my masturbating.  Maybe think about online dating.  Just think about it.
  8. More positive thinking.  **sigh** Positive thinking is SO HARD.  The plan is to try to write or post all of my positive accomplishment daily so I can keep track of them.  Already feel like skipping on this one.
  9. Cut back on my spending.  Going to have to raid the retirement (again).  Ugh.  Need to cut back on eating out, and depression shopping.  Even if it is gifts for others.  I shop and eat like I’m still a manager.  And I don’t get paid like a manager anymore.
  10. No more underwear.  A five drawer dresser full of underwear should be plenty.  At least stop buying at full price, and not even $15.  Lower the max to $10 or under.

Just a sample of my bad habits that I constantly try to break the chains of.  We’ll see how I do with them this year.

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