Daily Archives: February 16, 2017


I’m always glad when I can overcome my depression and talk to my friends on the phone.

More Online Posts

Decided to retire the Book of Serraph as a journal.  The spiral binding is starting to come apart.  And honestly, I’m sure it’s some kind of metaphor that I should let go of the past or something.  Will probably order a new Warcraft one; but should I get it from the bookstore or not.  GB is faster than the other departments, but I am really disillusioned with the bookstore, I think.  With Megan leaving departments, I should be all on applying for her job.  But really, it just makes me want to look harder at leaving the store.  I really don’t have faith in Rachel/Brian saving the department.  Honestly clothing and computers are sexier than notebooks and art supplies,  **sigh** I’ll have to make some time to go through the work links and work on my resume some more.

Shoulder is still acting up, although not as bad.  Need to get some ibuprofen before going to see Kevin for therapy.  What else?  Room remodel seems to be successful.  Digital frames seem to be an expensive failure, although I should still be able to use the large one.  Need to figure out how to hang the swords up though.  Still have dry balls due to the lithium  Forgot to talk to the doctor about that this morning.  But the extreme lotioning seems to be helping.

Trying to figure out why there are so few blog entries for 2011.  I only have 10 pictures in my files.  Even Facebook entries are sparse.  What happened that year?  Was I using Blurty?  Is this the casualty of a hard drive failure or me “restarting” and deleting the past?  Do I research more or move on to 2012?  Were the picture dates changed?