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On a total side note…

I totally should have done hour lunch schedules when I was at SF State. Def. could have got extra productivity from me and my staff. Oh well, maybe next lifetime (if there is one).

Only I could…

Be in danger of getting fired from a job that I should be perfect at.

At least the extra gabapentin has kicked in and the thoughts/voices have quieted down somewhat. Finishing a large Japanese lunch, so hopefully that will keep me content and comatose until later this afternoon.

Check out horangee’s 3D photo on Seene

Another old movie theater closed. Hopefully it’ll be turned into something other than a church.

Joe Rogers

Old dogs…

Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

Can I just hire someone to tell me what to do and what to think and what to feel?

I guess that’s just joining the Marines.

Losing the battle

Once again going crazy. Wait, I’m already crazy. How about the voices are starting to break thru? The leaks in the dam are more than I can keep up with. What to do, who to listen to, what to believe? Or just take more drugs, turn the music up a little more, and try to ignore/avoid it all

Look Fly and Bump Some Serious Tunes with a Pair of Wireless Studio ‘Beats’ Headphones

The Beats by Dre Giveaway – Look Fly and Bump Some Serious Tunes with a Pair of Wireless Studio ‘Beats’ Headphones

The Seattle Ferris Wheel at night; time-lasped

The Seattle Ferris Wheel at night; time-lapsed.

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Panorama from the Seattle Ferry Building




In Dualities, each piece is comprised of two photographs. The first presents the individuals as they prefer to be seen—for example, dressed up for a formal portrait or playing the guitar— and the second shows what they do when they are depressed, such as lying in bed. Under each photograph is a caption handwritten by the subject about music they listen to, their experience or anything that relates to each state of mind. The result is two images of each person, one up and one down.