The Tiger In The Year Of The Wood Horse (2014)

In Horse years, Tigers are not always as lucky as usual.  The Horse truly loves you and approves of your zany energy.  But sometimes – only sometimes – misfortune befalls Tigers in Horse years.  Don’t Panic.  This bad luck is not life-threatening.  But it does mean you will have to labor harder under somewhat adverse conditions in order to reach the kinds of summits of success for which you are so famous.  I don’t mean to imply that you won’t have enough money or that you or some beloved family member will fall ill and die.  But small events will arise as obstacles and may cause you grievances.  More specifically, this Horse year can impinge on your natural good health.  Here, because luck is not always on tap in Horse years, you will have to work harder to keep fit, avoid sugars and starches to stay thin and double up on the workouts at the gym.  If you should happen to be married or in a long-term relationship now, take your loved one on an exciting journey somewhere new and instructive.  In Horse years, you will enjoy entering a whole new culture together, bringing back souvenirs, taking photos and maybe even making new friends.  The mood will be jolly this year.  But the work may prove difficult.

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