10 things you might not have known about me. (via Mew)

God, can’t believe it took me 3.5 years for me to finish this.  Shows how much my depression has attacked my life and self-worth.

  1. I was 18-19 before I learned to swallow pills.  Before I would have to crush them and mix it with something  to take them.
  2. Not all the time, but more than occasionally, I search the Missed Connections on Facebook to see if anyone is looking for me (Nobody so far…)
  3. Even though I really don’t find Ben Stiller all that funny, Zoolander is the greatest comedy ever made and it will always cheer me up.
  4. For someone who loves technology, I don’t really use it as much has you think I would.  I have a few downloaded media items (movies/music/books).  I still like having a physical copy in my hands.
  5. I am weird when it comes to peanut butter and chocolate.  I hate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I like Reese’s Pieces though.  I hate Chocolate & Peanut Butter ice cream.  But a Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie is acceptable; not great, but I wouldn’t refuse it either.  Butterfingers are disgusting.
  6. I hate hearing my voice in recordings.  It’s one of the main reasons why I rarely call people on the phone and rather text/message/email/write someone.
  7. Since I graduated high school, there has only been six months that I haven’t worked for a college bookstore so 25+ years.
  8. I actually consider myself bisexual, but plan on marrying straight.
  9. Used to be a nail biter.  Eventually forced myself to quit, but I still attack my cuticle like a rabid wolf sometimes.
  10. I know how to cook and at one point in my life,  I wanted to be a chef.  However, due to a passive aggressive roommate, I stopped cooking completely and even years later, I rarely cook at home.

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