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Game Over

**sigh**. It was a good run. We played well and made it pass the group play at least. On a brighter note, I won’t have to wake up at 4-5am in the morning anymore.

Korea World Cup - CopyKorea World Cup (1)

New Laundromat

New Laundrymat

It’s sad that I’m so excited about a new laundromat opening up near my home. But now when I wash my clothes, I won’t have to worry if the washing machine is broken or not. (landlord STILL has not fixed the washer at the house)

Lunch With Angie

Lunch Wth Angie (1)Lunch Wth Angie (2)

Lunch With Teresa

Lunch Wth Teresa

Mini Tillamook

Mini Tillamook

Belgian Waffle


…In Bed

Fortune 6

Mitchell’s Ice Cream

Mitchells Ice Cream

Watching World Cup @ AT&T Park

Good idea ballpark to show the soccer game. Next time, have more food places open so people aren’t spending the whole time in line waiting to buy food

World Cup ATT ParkWorld Cup ATT Park (1)

Ice Cream Day

Sometimes you just have to say f*** the calories and enjoy the ice cream

Soft Serve