Leftover Pictures

Finally finish updating pictures on my site.  Mainly pictures for all the memes, if the site goes under, I’ll still know what quiz I took.  Also found pics that I took that I never posted for whatever reason

BART Colma

Picture from one end of the Colma BART station Pedestrian Bridge.  Was suppose to be symmetrical, but I’m off centered a bit

Dirty Dancing PC Game

The Dirty Dancing PC Game.  Why, I ask?  It’s not even a rhythm/DDR type game, just a bunch of mini games.  Although, I have to admit that I am tempted to put the cover on my computer has a desktop (they have it on the game’s website.)

Family Alcohol

I think I saw this at Squat & Gobble or at Stacks and was like, “Yes, champagne IS great for the whole family”.  Champagne flutes for mom and dad, and a little sippy cup or juice box mimosa for junior.


I think this is suppose to be a graphical representation of the music artists that I played for 2008.  Not sure why it is tapered in the middle.  And I question the artists that they have listed; I did not listen to THAT much Pet Shop Boys, NTTIAWWT.


This is from the bathroom at The Avenue bar on Ocean, home to my St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.  It had been a long time since I had been THAT drunk.

Love Is

I want to say that I took this at SEA-TAC airport in Washington, but I’m not sure.  Yes, this is what love is.

Love One Another

This was at the Oakland Airport a few years ago.  Always sound advice, even if I don’t always follow it.

SFSU Jacket at airport She has on a TLC Sideline Zip Hood.  It’s the farthest from SFSU that I’ve seen someone with our merchandise on.

Tiger Fan Tiger Fan that I saw.  I would love to have it in my room. **update – got one**

Wall Of Death

The Wall Of Death.  This was under a bridge in Seattle near Gas Works Park.  Haven’t been able to find out the meaning of it or anything, but apparently the city has taken it down or at least part of it where skaters skated at.  Sad.

xmas Voltron

Voltron at Xmas time.  I believe I took this at Kimono My House years ago.  This is the place to go to get collector type anime stuff.  Like boxed, first generation Transformers toys from Japan in original boxes