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my soul…

I feel like it is so corrupt, so poisoned, so unsave-able.

I know that anyone can be saved, but I wonder if I ever will be.

Another weekend wasted…maybe not

  • I did make a template for the new glass sign holders for work
  • I manage to cut myself with a butter knife. 
  • I played Rock Band and got to meet a video game writer.
  • I did not kill myself driving on Highway 92 or Highway 1

I think that I want to call in sick tomorrow…

From The Book of Destiny

The life purpose of those on the Way of Amplification is to choose a path and live it large – to live out loud.  To do this, they must learn to think for the long term and see the big picture, rather than wasting their energy flitting from one project, interest, or person to another.  Individuals on the Way of Amplification are asked to create a life that is greater than who they think themselves to be or even the sum of their parts.  These individuals come into the world as Seekers and thus naturally exhibit a desire to learn about larger or more universal concepts and issues.  On this karmic path, they will eventually learn to live according to such higher, broader, more expansive views.

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The Tiger…

from The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Theodora Lau

I am the delightful Paradox.
All the world is my stage.
I set new trails ablaze,
I seek the unattainable,
and try the untried.
I dance to life’s music
in gay abandon.
Come with me
on my carousel rides.
See the myriad of colors,
the flickering lights.
All hail me the unparalleled performer.


Taurus Horoscope for 2008 (I think)

It’s actually happening!
Have you ever dreamed of skyrocketing to the top of the heap overnight? Possibly, Taurus, but you’re patient, and thus never depended on it. Yet it may finally happen to you, whether you’ve counted on it or not. In 2008, the passage of both Jupiter and Pluto through Capricorn could make even your wildest dreams come true – and it might take you a while to grasp that it actually has happened to you. It’s inadvisable, however, to remain for very long in this fugue of disbelief. At some point, you’re going to have to stand up and charge on ahead like a good Bull. You’re going to want to keep this momentum going – and a good way to do this is to plan carefully all the way. If you want guidance for doing this planning, your 2008 Forecast is here and available.

High Fidelity

I’m sure that I mentioned this last year, but it bears repeating.

I want to have John Cusack’s babies.

I love this movie.

holiday pause5

made into the terminal an hour later. Once I checked in, security was pretty easy. I’ve already seen two people from SFSU. Wonder how many more people I will recognize. enjoying some Gordon Biersch and garlic fries while people watching

I *heart* SkyMall

I think one of the reasons that I fly Southwest is because of the SkyMall catalog that is in the pocket of the seat. I love all of the overpriced, useless stuff that is in the magazine. If I win the lottery, I am blowing a large chunk of it on SkyMal stuff

And yet…

there are a few warning bells that are going off in my head that I conveniently turned off. I’m in a perfect position. I am not going to sabotage or overanalyze this. I am just going to enjoy in.

One resolution down

12 more to go…