Written Journal Entry (Sometime on Father’s Day, 2006)

I don’t believe that  I woke up at 6-7am in the morning to travel to the city f/waffles only to be shot down at three places.  Just my luck eh?  Dotties was closes because of a fire; the place on disviserado and Fulton that was suppose to be 24hr was closed; the place on 24th and 3rd was non existent.  And I passed up Mel’s and Orphan Annie’s for these places too. Anyway, was going to settle for Bayside, which isn’t a bad breakfast.  But I figured that if I was up, I’d might as well treat myself, so I drove to Burlingame where I am waiting in front of Stacks for a table.  Father’s Day was probably not the day to go out for breakfast, But what can I do Now.  I will just have to deal with the children I guess.

Have you heard of T.V. Tag?  Still, I’m glad to know that there are still no tagbacks.

Ah…the sun is finally coming out.  But am I deserving(sp?) of it’s rays/

Need to call Dad&mom after breakfast.

I need sunglasses.

I need a lot of things

I need some dreams.

Because what is the point of living if you have no dreams to pursue.

Kurt, Barry, and Dan are all celebrating Father’s Day today.  In one way, I’m kind of…jealous? envious?  On the other hand, it doesn’t really bother me as much has it would in the past.  I’m sure the kid crying in my ear has something to do with it.

Thinking about the movie Hope Floats and something about eating alone in public.  You have to act like it doesn’t matter or pretend that the world doesn’t exist or something that Harry Connick Jr. says.

Man, someone has the perfume on thick and it doesn’t help being next to the door.

The coconut/banana pancake should have been waffles.  It’s still good, but would have been better in waffle form.  Also these glasses are filthy.  I’m just glad that I only ordered two stacks instead of three.  These things are huge.

“I’m not a perfect person…” I’ve had that song by Hoobastank in my head all week long.

What to do, what to do, what to do with myself.

Sleep would be nice, since I have got a total of less than 24hr this week.  8 of those was only because of Nyquil.

And it’s good to know that I am in full health and the reason for my strokes and heart attacks is because of depression.  Blacks are 160% more likely to have strokes when seriously depressed.

At least I’m not the only one eating alone.  The secret, I guess, is to sit up straight.