Throughout the 90’s I was a Rolling Stone subscriber. For the most, it is a good magazine, Although I wish that they would expand out of the Rock/Pop area that they mainly focus on (would it kill them to have a country cover artist or from some other genre.) But the best part of the magazine for me were the photos of the artists. I loved the photographers and their pictures in the magazine; the photos were so unique and ususally captured something special in their subject. I loved these photos so much, that I started cutting out the photos and I placed them on the ceiling of my room. It was an interesting mosaic of photos that drove my mom crazy, got comments from all that saw the photos on the ceiling, and made me happy with my little burst of creativity. I did have a picture of the ceiling, but can’t find it for some reason. The only bad experience was the time that I took acid and was dumped home one night. All the people on the ceiling started talking and wouldn’t shut up. Not a good trip to say the least.
Anyway, I was cleaning my room when I found a pile of Rolling Stone covers and photos that I had collected. most of these photos were taken between 2000 and 2002. I don’t plan on keeping them, but I was reluctent to just throw them away, so I decided that I would scan them and post them on here, giving a little history of what I liked about the shot, or what was going on in my life, or what the hell was I thinking. Some of the photos are torn and frayed, but it sounds like an interesting idea, so we’ll see how it goes.