Life Recap

Going to get my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. I am all set for a liquid diet and lots of vicadin. Total cost after insurance $900+ including X-rays that I might have to take over again since the first set was messed up somehow.
Oh yeah, I finally went to the dentist. It took excruciating pain at work one day to get me to go. Besides the wisdom teeth, I got three cavities to get repaired. Not bad for not going to the dentist in ages…
Still haven’t done my taxes, since I’m ONLY getting back $60 from the feds. I probably owe the state $40. πŸ˜› Still, I should get the paperwork done and sent off before the 15th.
On another anti-depressant. Yay me. We’ll see if this one will help me or not.
Have been spending most of my waking life playing World Of Warcraft. (Tygreyes on Bloodhoof server). It is so addicting, but it is also so good. Even now, I want to just delete this post and log on to the servers and finish just one more quest. Mmm, Mmm, MMO goodness.
Been watching the Final 64 basketball tournament since I am in charge of the work pool. I was doing good in the pool, but all of these upsets have just killed me. At this point, I need North Carolia to lose, and I would need Illinois to win and also have the correct score to win the tie-breaker. Up for grabs, $170 dollars.
When I am not playing World of Warcraft (servers come down at least once a week; but it is still a great game) I’ve been reading. Jenna Jameson’s autobiography is great, and not just because it has a few naked pictures of her. Her story is a facinating read. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish reading it and had to turn it back in since someone else had a hold on it. πŸ™
Once the teeth are taken care of, the next big thing that I will be focusing on is moving out of here. I’ve been looking at Craigslist, but haven’t called on anything. Still trying to where I want to move to in the Bay Area. Have decided that I will look for a roommate instead of finding a place of my own. I could get a place on my own, but then I would be in a situation like I was with Mike at Park Merced, where after all the bills are paid, I wouldn’t have any money left to do anything. Not that I do anything now. But the extra money has gone to paying my bills down.
Speaking of, my small Perkins Financial Aide Loan is almost paid off. YAY!!!!
Yes, that is a mousepad with boobs on the phone cam. My friends thought it has been too long since I have been with a girl, and out of the kindness of my heart, they got me this. It’s taken some time to get use to having my hands or wrist on or inbetween breasts, but I think I am finally getting the hang of it.
I did have an…interaction with Suzanne this month. I was hoping that something could have come out of it but all it ended up was me leaving messages on her phone and her sending me an email. I was hoping for…a rebulding of a friendship? A civil conversatiion? a quick chat? I don’t know, just something. I know that the bridge has been burned, however a bridge can always be rebuilt again. It just takes a person on each side of the gap in order to start the rebuilding.
Anyway, that is pretty much what is going on. If I survive my operation tomorrow, then I plan on working on the website and taking a breeak from World of Warcraft. I’m also doing the 10,000 steps program in order to get some exercise and to hopefully help with my depression. **sigh** I hope everything goes smoothly with the wisdom teeth.