Book Of Questions – Love & Sex: Question #40

If Your partner completely lost his or her temper and started smashing dishes and furniture, what whould you do? What would you do if the anger were directed at you and you were slapped, hit, or threatened? What would you do if either of these started happening every six months or so?

If my partner completely lost their temper and started smashing things, what could I do but try and ride out the wave. And avoid getting hit with flying furniture and dishes. I myself, am the type to bottle it all in; although lately, I have had small bouts of smashing and hitting things after getting spanked by Tim in Chess. I have made my ex’s mad and pissed off plenty of times, but it has never come to them throwing things at me (At least I don’t recall having anything thrown at me, one would have to ask them to be certain). Oddly enough, I’ve been hit with bibles several times; but that is a different topic altogether. I think as long as something like my computer didn’t get damaged, I would be O.K. Well maybe not O.K., but I would get over it. Now, if it was something like my computer or my car, then I would have to get petty and destroy something of hers.
Now, if the anger was directed at me, what would I do? Used to believe that a gentleman shouldn’t punch a woman, but a slap in the face was O.K. God, that was ages ago; what fools we are in our youth. I think the last woman that I slapped was Norma…no, it was Suzanne….wait. O.K., if it was Suzanne, then it was in 2000 when I lived in the Resident Apartments on campus. Suzanne and I had broken up and she had come over to talk to me. We got into an argument and she said some really bad and low blow stuff to me. I’m not sure if I slapped her or not, but I know that I was that pissed. I know I threatened to call the cops and kicked her out of my apartment. With Norma, it was for something that she had done and I was just really disappointed with her. Sarah and Norma (Jen’s younger sisters) have always been like my unofficial younger kid sisters to me. Anyway, I let me emotions get a hold of me, made a big mistake and let the hand fly. Needless to say, I was out of line and I talked to Norma and apologized to her. But that was probably the last time that I slapped someone. Today, I don’t think that I would hit or slap a woman, regardless it she was slapping or punching me. But like Chris Rock says, “I won’t hit a woman, but I’d shake the shit out of her is she got me angry enough.”
Now, if my mate started to hit and abuse me every six months or so, then something would have to be done. Some kind of couples therapy or anger management classes. Or maybe just buy a punching bag and put a picture of my face on it. If that didn’t work, then I guess I would have no choice but to break up with them.

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