..and then all hell breaks loose.

-Barbara has been ill for the last week. Today it got to the point where she had to goto the hospital. So she can’t go down to L.A. to see her family.
-One of the cats escaped and I had to go chase it in the cold night.
-Hit my head hard on the garage door trying to take the garbage out.
-Shifted cat litter around for 5min before finding out that Barbara had already cleaned the litter box.
-Teeth have been killing me all night long
-I have 4 loads of laundry sitting on my floor that need to be put away before I leave.
-Barbara’ snake gets loose and I have to call Barbara’s Niece, Kirsten to get the snake back in it’s cage while I have it cornered with a Swifter and a duster.
-Still dealing with leftover AT&T crap
Honestly, I am so over this year…

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