Sin City and the Flood

So I headed out and stop by Starbucks to pick up the white elephant gift for the party. Now I know that the White elephant is suppose to be an unwrapped gift that you already have, but the only things that I have that are
unwrapped and boxed are a 60GB hard drive and a bottle of champagne. Neither one of those gifts are going to just be given to someone. I have my remaining stuffed tigers, but I wouldn’t want to give one away until I had a chance to wash it. So off to Starbucks. Besides, a cup of peppermint hot chocolate sounded good to help keep my nostrils clear. So I picked up a small can of hot
cocoa and a little magnetic reindeer.

Traffic was so heavy getting to Angie’s house. Still, I made it on time. After wrapping up my gift and drooling over Angie’s 17″ Powerbook, we all headed over to the party. The party was at one of Angie cousin’s place over off of Ocean by City College. While parking was a bitch (something that I don’t miss while living in Pacifica), the actual apartment was very big. They had a nice roof area that was “off limits”, but would have been really nice if they could fix it up with a
Jacuzzi. Overall, I think that we had about 20 people at the party, and for the most part it was fun. For the white elephant, I originally got this melon bathroom set, but traded out for a nice frame. That was cool, because I really want to have more framed pictures in my room next year. For the gambling, we had a roulette wheel, a blackjack table, and a poker table (can’t remember what poker we were playing). I started out has the dealer for the roulette wheel, and I think by that time, I was just giving out tickets to people. I know that I had the most people at my table when I was the dealer. And then people just kinda rotated around. The only mar to the event was this one guy got a little to involved in the gambling. He
basically ended up winning the 1st prize raffle cause he had a shitload of tickets. Oh yeah, we played with raffle tickets and not chips; you bought 50 tickets for $10 and then you could buy more. Anyway, he was a bit loud and arrogant, and there was some cheating involved. I lost all of my chips midway through and settled to watch the movie that was playing on TV (The Matrix: Reloaded). Also played Tetris on Angie’s cell phone, beating her high score twice, but messing up and not saving the high score. The first time, I
accidentally slipped and hit the end button; the second time, I was entering my name and hit the wrong button and somehow lost the score. Man, I was so ready just to throw the phone away.

During this time, it was raining pretty hard outside. The rain was just
coming down in sheet at one point and the street just looked like a fast running river. So once the rain let up, we headed out. Oh man the streets were just a mess; the rain had come down so hard that most of the drain gutters were backed up and there was floods all over the place. We made it back and I headed out to Pacifica hoping that it wouldn’t downpour on the way home. There were so many cars on the side of the road. On Alemany Blvd, the manhole covers had popped up down the whole street an just fucked up cars that had hit the holes. I made in onto 280 and was reaching Ocean Avenue when I saw a couple of cars stopped. I didn’t realize why they were stopped until I was almost at the lake that had been created under the overpass. So I gunned it and just barely made it through the lake. After that, I really need to bring my car in for a checkup. Made it home in one piece considering the assholes speeding on the road.

Oh yeah, there were
Jell-O shots
at the party. But I restrained myself and only had 5-10, I think. Overall I had a really good time.

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