Simmering Topics…(unfinished post)

Topic #1, Birthdays
I have been mainly in a self-centered kinda of mood lately. Actually, it is more of trying to keep my head above water mood (which I am barely doing, it seems.) Anyway, there is a list of people that I have to mention because it needs mentioning, and maybe because their birthday’s have passed…
In no particular order, but all of great importance…
Mariah a.k.a. Kabuki
I honestly think that Mariah is the first person that I have met off of livejournal. **thinks** Yeah, I think that I met her before I met joe_black, convelesence, or fairyqueen. Anyway, I think that I first met her with Suzanne at the Denny’s in Vallejo. Now unfortunately, all I get are yearly visits when I goto the Ren Faire…which I guess I don’t even have now that the Faire has closed. Anyway, at first glance you just might see a pretty cute punk/rock girl. Now this is corny as hell, but yes, I am going to use the onion/layer metaphor on her. Cause it is so true of her. I mean she is such an amazing person and I love listening to her talk. And I love her writing too. The last 2 months, there have been entries in her journal that I have literally just sat and savored over the words that she used. I totally talking about American Beauty/bag floating/ beauty hurts stuff. Mariah is just a great person and I am not just saying all of this to try and get free drinks from her. I would have 10,000 of her babies if I could.
Kurt Wallner
What the fuck happened? Honestly if you would have told me what…10 years ago that Kurt and I would be good friends, I would have probably laughed and told you that there was no way in hell that I would ever be friends with an arrogant, egotistical, Bible thumping (literally – he hit me with a bible and I almost jumped him right there and then) bastard like that. Cause let’s face it, two arrogant, egotistical bastards shouldn’t be in the same room at the same time…which makes me wonder how Kurt, Barry and me can ever get together for parties and stuff; we should have killed each other by now…Well, I’ll save that for another journal entry. Besides the fact that he is a great husband and father, he has to be one of my top personal hero’s for getting out of his car at a stop light, going up to the Mercedes in front of him, picking up the cigarette butt that the driver threw out, and throwing it back into the car at the driver. Only Kurt would be capable of doing something like this. A great drinking buddy, an alright Mechwarrior pilot (I guess), and an expert knife sharpener. And oh yeah, a great person who is always there for his friends.
Dan Rama
O.K. I said no importance, but I lied, because Dan Rama does rank higher because he was my first….my first friend when I came back to the States from Korea ya sick fucks.
Yes Dan is The First. The first person to experience the brilliance, the glory. the experience that is Joe Rogers. HA! Anyway… What to say about Dan? What not to say about Dan? I remember his room in San Leandro. Long before we had the ability to remotely turn on the lights and TV, Dan had it figured out. He had wired his room out that he could control just about everything from his bed. It was totally amazing. But Dan is more than wires and the huge entertainment center he built himself out of VERY HEAVY OAK WOOD. Dan was the big brother to all of the little kids in the neighborhood; he was the knight in shining armor to his wife of what eons. Honestly, I can’t remember a time that Dan and Jen were not together. Dan is the hero to his wonderful son Drake. Dan is the guy who would drive up an hour to stop by your house to just use the bathroom. He is such a great friend, I mean I honestly can’t put it in words how much his friendship means to me. O.K. this best describes Dan. So I come home and there is a package for me from Dan; in it is a T-shirt with the Joker on it. Why is this important? Only Dan would remember that I have a shirt just like this but it is really old and faded, see a shirt just like it, buy it and ship it to me. That is the friend that I have in Dan Rama.
Amy C.
It might be kinda sad, but I have only made one real friend this year. O.K., that’s not true, because I met Barbara, Laura, Kristen, and maybe some others. But you know that there is that line, that barrier that separates the casual from the close. Well, Amy broke that line pretty quickly. I mean it’s weird that I’ve only known Amy for…8 months now. All from watching some weird guy smell his dirty clothes on a web cam. I mean honestly, I should not even be talking about Amy now. When she sent me that first IM, I honestly thought that she was some kind of pornbot trying to get me to goto a porn site. Normally, I would have blocked the name and closed the window. And what a travesty that would have been if I did. I wouldn’t have known the joys of Yahoo! Graffiti (which we haven’t played in ages. We need to fix that.), Corn Pie (which I need to try), or Corn mazes at Halloween time (which I would have never set foot in normally). I’m sorry that I wasn’t at you your B-day bash; I def. want to hook up and take you out or something before I leave for the holidays.
Shawn Stone
Another great friend of mine, Shawn put me up in his house in Berkeley not once, but twice. He introduced me to the addiction that is Cowboy Bebop and Escaflowne. He’s wowed me with his great culinary skills, and he’s not a bad computer game player.

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