Cell phone blues…

I am so pissed off with AT&T right now. I am about to goto sleep right now (**o.k. this was 30 min ago before I got sucked into searching the police auction site) so that I can wake up at 5am in the morning in an attempt to talk to someone in their customer service dept. Grrrr. I don’t want to but I think that I am ready to jump ship to another company. Except that I have heard bad things about all of the rest of the companies. Well, I am watching two phone on the police auction site that are the same make has my old one. One is shipping from New York, but I just might wait a couple of days and get the one shipping from L.A., although I guess either one would get here about the same time. I just hope that they actually work if I do go ahead and get one of them.
Have other stuff to post, but will wait until work tomorrow to do it.

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