5 million years in the future…

Isn’t that where the guy from The Time Machine eventually ended up at?

Anyway, the show was pretty interesting. I want to disagree with some of their theories, but I’m not a biologist or an ecoloigist, so I really can’t argue. The creatures were interesting, but there were too many of the same shots, or the shots mirrored for my taste.

Another action packed weekend for myself. Going up to Vacaville to BBQ and to go out to the lake. Will also drop in on April and either go out to lunch, or maybe karaoke…wait, I’m driving everybody up, so karaoke might have to wait until after she gets back from SD. (P.S. April, I need my copy of PS back, just to give you a head start in looking for it.)

Currently going through my teeth whitening process. Using the Rembrant Teeth Whitening system; the mouth guard and gel is somewhat messy, but I am
starting to see a change in my teeth, which is a good thing. Hopefully, it will affect my entire teeth, and not just the tips of them.

[Listening to: Nightingale – Norah Jones – Come Away With Me (04:12)]

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