Oh I’m not done. After

Oh I’m not done. After dropping off Peter, I goto the bookstore and the only parking space is next to the dumpster. So I pak and I get some guys to help me unload. There is this crap that’s on the floor, but I dont pay any attention until I’m pulling the flatbed up the ramp and I have no traction, the gunk on the ground was grease. But oh, it get better, this grease, when it start to dry, emits the most horrific stench, and now it’s smells all over in Shipping/Recieving. Since I had to recieve some things on the computer, I got to listen to Teressa and all the S/R girls bitch about the smell. The smell is so strong ha I had to leave my shoes outside and when I got the warehouse, i tried to wash them but the smell was still there. So that leaves me here in the office scarfing down chocolate with no shoes because I had to throw them away. But I guess I should look on the bright side. At least I have toilet paper now
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