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Why I like my job

I get to be a dirty old man and oggle young freshmen girls. There are more reasons why I like my job, I just can’t seem to think of them as these girls with their short shorts and their low cut tops walk by me.

Mood for today

Is again a 6.  Just a bit over feeling numb.  More sore and tired from work today more than anything else.  Trying to stay awake a bit longer so that I can sleep through the night.  Also hoping in the off chance that you will call me for whatever reason you need to call me.  But I know that’s not going to happen.

Was trying to watch Kill Bill on TV, but couldn’t concentrate enough to really pay attention to it.  The mouse is charging right now, so no World of Warcraft.  I could clean my room.  I should clean my room.  Think that I am going to try to read for awhile.

What a boring entry

Tracking my feelings

I do need some way of tracking my mood.  Right now, on a scale of 1-10, I’m at a 6.  Just a bit over neutral feeling.

Facebook is just a plaything to me…

…it’s you I really love, my online blog here at

I’ll admit that I have become somewhat hooked to Facebook for the moment.  It’s like the midway point between twitter and this journal in that I can post a short little blurb about what I’m doing and see what other people are doing and stuff. post quick pictures and the like.  An eternal disguise to borrow a phrase from days gone past.  Here is where all the juicy stuff is at though, where I can rant and rave to my heart content, if I chose to rant and rave, that is.

Def. have nothing to rave about right now.

Rant about how I would like to see her again sometime soon, and not just around the major holidays…although  Labor Day is coming up, so there is a chance.

Rant about having to goto group therapy.

Rant about not being so negative about myself.

Rant about work.

Rant about the roommates and wanting to move out.

Rant about San Francisco and wanting to move out.

I want the rant about the word goto.  WHY is it wrong to use goto?  Is goto not a real word?

And rant about forgiveness.  Always ranting about forgiveness.

Actually I want to rave about her.  Or do I just want to ravage her body?  Maybe worship her body?  Or do all three.

And rave about my now former psych Dr. Feldberg.  Going to her has helped me out if nothing else to have someone to talk to about stuff.

…See, I could never spout out like this on Facebook.

Ed Hardy Vodka

Is there anything Ed hardy wont slap his label on

Ed Hardy Vodka

Fuck Muni

I don’t know about killing kids, but yeah fuck MUNI

fuck muni

Duck Pond @ UC Davis

Duck Pond (1)Duck Pond