Have gone back to trying to force myself into surviving on 1-2 meals a day.

Mom would not be happy with me.

Anyway, did not go to the gym, yet again, even though I had to goto the store today and I also stopped by the old place to see if the ticket from the Golden Gate Bridge had come in. (I am just going to have to drive out there to pay the stupid thing.) Anyway, talked to Mike’s new roommate again and I told her that I was living in Pacifica:

Her: “Isn’t it foggy out there.”
Me: “No, I live in the sunny part of town. The fog stops right before my house. And I’m 3 blocks away from the beach”
Her: “Oh. **wishful sigh** I am so tired of the fog here.”

**sigh** Six Flags really cost me. I should have tried to get the boss to pay for the tickets also, but I really wanted to pay for them. Anyway, I will be able to survive until next week. Time to bust out the emergency Spam and rice; I know some of you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I hunger for alot of thing; however for the moment, my peanut butter and jelly hunger is sated. For Now…

[Listening to: Bring It On – Seal – Seal [1994] (03:58)]

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