Melancholy fog….

The fog has settled all over the coast, including my usually sunny side of Pacifica. I’m kinda blah right now, but know that if I was still at Park Merced, I would be feeling even worse.

Just finished an email to Amanda, updating her with all the stuff that has been going on in my life. I should be uploading pictures, but instead, I am going to go and do laundry. I wonder why I am afraid to upload the pictures. I wonder if it is because I was made to feel ashamed over my photo taking skills?

I am/was torn between two moods. The first mood was to watch Life Is Beautiful, and just cry my eyes out. The second is to was Zoolander and laugh my ass off. However, I think that I am going to watch L.A. Confidential, since I need to return it to the library this week.

I had a music post that I have been thinking about for weeks now. Another question mark over why I never posted it.

O.K. laundry and DVD.
[Listening to: The Change – Garth Brooks – Fresh Horses (04:06)]