Daily Archives: September 8, 2002

Need to call Eric this

Need to call Eric this week and see how did the reformat of the computer go. I hope he listened to my advice and got more RAM for the computer
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Oh my, things definitely picked

Oh my, things definitely picked up in the Harry Potter series. I def. going to have to reread this one a couple of times. OMG, I can’t believe what happened….
Anyway, Mike should be home in an half hour or so. **yawn** Sun beam is making me sleepy. I think a little cat nap is in order.
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Was suppose to go watch

Was suppose to go watch Mike surfing, but instead, Mike convinced me to go work out. Not a bad work-out; it helped that Mike was totally oogling over the two Asian girls working out in the gym with us. O.K., so they were both pretty hot, but I could tell that they were stuck up. So we leave the same time as they do, and I guess they live right behind the gym, cause their roommate was there in a cut off and daisy dukes washing her car, and the two girls joined in. Oy Vey, Mike’s eyes were just popping out.
So now, Mike is going to go surfing for a couple of hours. I should go with him to get out of the house and to get some air, but I think that I am going to just stay home and read for awhile. If I was productive, I would go clean something. But I think that I will be satisfied with just reading. Afterwards, he wants to goto Borders to go study; more like for him to scope out girls. I hope that he doesn’t get too caught up chasing girls. He has a full load and he should be studying more.
Well, Mike is off to catch some surf and I am going to finish some reading.
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**sigh** Enough with aimless web

**sigh** Enough with aimless web surfing. Am going to turn off the computer, get into bed, listen to Thump Radio on Alice, and continue to read Harry Potter.
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