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What else? Saw on the

What else? Saw on the news today how people on depression medication went psycho and killed people. Yet another reason that I don’t want to get on medication. I was put on Welltruburn a couple of years ago and ended up losing my memory. I misplaced a $150 CD player at work and stopped taking the drugs. Have tried St. John’s Wort, but could never tell if it was working or not.
I do need to goto Kaiser though, if nothing else for a physical.
**yawn** Enough fluff, I need to clean my bed and goto sleep.
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I am Joe’s slightly drunken ass

Well, not too drunk anymore. The two block walk to BART and the two Block walk to my place from BART kinda sobered me up a bit. **sigh** My bed is still a mess though and I will have to clean it before I goto sleep.
Brought the Jukeboxwith me. It fits perfectly in my camera case and it is perfect for riding on BART. I just wish that the batteries could last longer.
So tonight was the going away party for Teressa Fox at Buca Di Beppo. Not a bad Italian restaurant. The food was pretty good, but the drinks sucked. I had a couple of Mudslides on the rocks, a Long Island, and a Midori Sour. The Mudslides were o.k., but the L.I. and the Midori were too sweet.
There were about 15-20 people there for the dinner from S/R, Gifts, General Books. It was good times. OMG, there are some pictures that I will have to explain if Suzanne ever sees them. There was some talk about work and all of the shit that is going on there. **sigh** It is almost like a sinking ship; with everybody jumping overboard before the ship sinks.
I’ve known Teressa since I first started going to S. F. State. We have been good friends and there was a time when I fell in love with her. It was during one of Suzanne’s and I break-up times. It probably would have turned out bad in the end if anything came out of it cause we are very different people. Not that Suzanne have a lot of similar traits, but with Suzanne, we are 180 degrees polar opposites and with Teressa, its a 90 degree thing. (O.K. that doesn’t make sense, but in my head it does.) Anyway, we hooked up at one of the Xmas parties. There was a little make out and we went to the movies, but that was about it. Our friendship took a big hit cause of an incident in S/R a couple of years ago. It’s been repaired, but with me taking over at the warehouse, I haven’t seen that much of her. She is a Sheriff cadet in S. F. now training to be an officer.
It seems that the people I truly love I have to put them through at least one horrific episode and make them cry. I am such a horrific and ugly person with no love for himself. It is a wonder that I have any friends at all.
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