Daily Archives: September 30, 2001

It is fucking hot in San Francisco

Quick Weekend Update…
Got Suzanne’s Webcam working, except there is an orange line on the side of the picture. Not sure if it is the camera or the software; the software sucks BTW.
Drove to Milpitas to the Great Mall of the Bay Area. Huge outlet mall, had to buy an emergency hat at the Burlington Coat Factory. Really need to get a hair cut.
Took Suzanne to Dane & Busters. Good times. Spent lots of cash, but we got Suzanne a huge ass Pikachu. Pictures later.
Spent the night with Suzanne. Good Times 😉
Drove Suzanne home and now back in HOT San Francisco to help Daniel and Reina to move, then need to work on paper due tomorrow. Thinking about asking Eddie to chip in for one of those window fans.
O. K. Got to get out of here.
Current mood: hot
Current music: Listening to game on T.V.