Predictions for 2023


Your work life has been rocky, perhaps even catastrophic. While there are many external events that we could point to as the culprit for this, we know that this was really because you are changing. Things simply could not have kept going the way they were because you had outgrown them, as much as you might have liked to maintain the status quo. Considering you enjoy a steady ride, having the boat rock so much has had you gripping the sides and clinging to what you know best. Uranus continues to ask you to bravely peer over your white knuckles, dear Taurus, towards brand-new horizons. Pluto will join at the helm in March this year, kicking off a process of in-depth evaluation. Underneath all of it will be this question: where are you going? If the past few years have done anything, they have loosened up the sails that were getting pulled quite tight. You are freer to catch the breeze. You are in the perfect position to change course if you need to.

In April, the solar eclipse may force the issue, as Pluto sits in a challenging aspect to the Sun and Moon. Events may set off an internal struggle that demands you look at your direction in life. It’s ok if you don’t know everything right now. This process of transformation can take a while. Your network may become smaller through this time, but never fear, it will be stronger, built on common goals and ideals.