Monthly Archives: August 2022


…In Bed

Sunday breakfast at Toast

Nothing like a freezer alarm to wake you up early on a Sunday morning. We’ll I did want to go out to breakfast I guess this works.

Table flowers

Still not sure what I’m doing with myself. Still no purpose for my life.

Lunch thoughts…

Sometimes you need to be reminded of why you left something behind. Like this Subway sandwich, which is pared perfectly with the emptiness of my soul.

Last week was a major bust with no progress made on anything. I think I cleaned but by the end of the weekend the apartment was just as messy as before. I wonder if it smells in the apartment even with the windows open.

It’s so hard for me to lie/think positive thoughts. How can I lie to myself without knowing that I’m doing that. Maybe I seriously should look into hypnotherapy. Just afraid I’ll be taken advantage of which is stupid since I have so little.