The Book of Questions: Question #16

If at birth you could select the profession your child would eventually pursue, would you do so?

No, I would not select the profession of my child. I mean, isn’t that half the fun of growing up. Right? The whole dreaming of being a fireman or a dragon wrangler. It’s what’s makes childhood a childhood along with playing tag and making pillow forts. Of course saying that, I wouldn’t be doing my parental duty if I didn’t show my child the potential momentary of being an accountant or a doctor. Because I want the best for my child…and maybe put me in a nicer retirement home.

My dad didn’t pressured me too much about what career I wanted, he just wanted me to do good in school and goto college so I could have the opportunity to do whatever I want. Mom, on the other hand, wanted me in an Air Force office uniform or a doctor white gown. And the salary that goes with it so i could support her in the lifestyle that she wanted. **sigh** too bad that I’m afraid of needles and don’t do well with being told what to do. I mean, I’m sure she wanted what’s best for me, but she also wanted a fur and other niceties.

Although in some aspects I wish that I did have more ambition or a career desire when I was in college. I think my lack of direction probably did more harm to me than anything else in life. I think that I would try to encourage and support my child in whatever career direction that they wanted to go. Just so that they won’t have to go through what I’ve gone through. Of course, I’m sure that the child wouldn’t see it that way and it would backfire in my face.