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More randoms

Can’t believe these are still around

Every military town has some kind of gun memorial.


…in bed

…In Bed

When a drug addict doesn’t get what they want.

It’s hard to see the marks on the glass where she tried to break it with the ash tray. To tired to so the teeth marks or the slight bruise on my head. Going to be like her and sleep and pretend nothing happened.

(Almost) Last Day

Breakfast at the bookstore cafe before work on one of my last days working here. Some reservations, as always, about leaving. Dr Green is right that work was a way for me to escape the problems at home. But with the firing of Virginia, I think that it is the right thing for me to leave regardless. I mean, I think Tacoma was really the last straw, but the Virginia issue is just reinforcing that. **sigh** will I survive everything in the upcoming weeks. So much uncertainty, more than usual. And I just want to hide in my room and avoid all of it, like mom.

More randoms

It’s come to this.

Doing a search for “How to put my mom into rehab”

Also found out that the apprenticeship program in Contra Costa has been suspended. That’s a damper on one backup plan for work. Already missing Eric. Already just want to be done with my mom.