Monthly Archives: April 2010

NKOTB License Plate

The year 1990 called and it wants its’ license plate back


Baskin Robbins Sundae

Benefit of being an adult: Ice cream sundae dinner

BR Sundae

More Bombs, Less Books

Isn’t this suppose to be the other way around?

More Bombs Less Books

Giants Birthday Ballgame

Giants TicketsGiants Game (1)Giants Game (2)Giants Game (3)Giants Game (4)Giants Game (5)Joe Angie


Lettuce…and other stuff!!!

Asian Sala Wraps

Fried Calamari!!!

Fried Climari

…In Bed

Fortune 4

KFC Double Down

The double down from KFC. Cause I like to live dangerously….

KFC Double Double

America’s Next Top Model

During the middle of ANTM run, I came hooked on it for a few cycles along with my co-worker, Sheryl.  Allison Harvard was one of our favorites from Cycle 12.  Also know as creepy-chan from the 4chan crowd.  A few months later, Sheryl spotted her in this online ad.  There was one model who went to SF State at one point, but I can remember which one it was.


Non shitty shitty day

This has been one of the non shitty shittiest days that I have ever had.

I really need to start posting stuff here again.

Well hopefully, tomorrow turns out better…