Monthly Archives: April 2010


After a week of allergies, I’m wondering if I actually have a cold instead.


Uhhh….isn’t it suppose to be the other way around?

NKOTB License Plate

The year 1990 called and it wants its’ license plate back


Baskin Robbins Sundae

Benefit of being an adult: Ice cream sundae dinner

BR Sundae

More Bombs, Less Books

Isn’t this suppose to be the other way around?

More Bombs Less Books


The year 1990 call, and it want its licence plate back…


Benefit of being an adult: ice cream sundae for dinner


The dragon movie was pretty good; the 3D effects were alot better than Clash of the Titans. In other news, I feel like I am a complete idiot at times. **sigh** Anyway, off to bed; long day tomorrow


What a beautiful day…but with the way the weather has been, it should start to snow in 15 minutes.


The awesomest thing about my new Giants jacket. It has a pocket just for your tickets.