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Little Rock, Arkansas   Where America Comes Together
All Maybelline products distributed in the U.S. are made in this fashion-conscious spot…

Population: 584,000  |  Average Home Price: $150,000  |  Precipitation: 48"  |  Snow: 5"

Baltimore, Maryland   The Sparkling Harbor City
This Atlantic seaboard city is home to the National Aquarium…

Population: 4,750,000  |  Average Home Price: $215,000  |  Precipitation: 40"  |  Snow: 18"

Portland, Oregon   City of Roses
This Oregon city has the nation’s largest forested municipal park, the aptly-named Forest Park…

Population: 1,573,000  |  Average Home Price: $196,000  |  Precipitation: 36"  |  Snow: 5"

Sacramento, California   The River City
This state capital is the oldest incorporated city in California…

Population: 1,628,000  |  Average Home Price: $224,000  |  Precipitation: 17"  |  Snow: 0"

Baton Rouge, Louisiana   The Cajun Capital
This town was named after the red stick its founder saw on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River…

Population: 603,000  |  Average Home Price: $138,500  |  Precipitation: 61"  |  Snow: 0"

New Orleans, Louisiana   The Crescent City
This Creole city hosts a Jambalaya Festival and a Shrimp Festival each year…

Population: 1,340,000  |  Average Home Price: $185,000  |  Precipitation: 57"  |  Snow: 0"

Las Vegas, Nevada   Entertainment Capital of the World
Ladies’ Home Journal called this one of its Best Cities for Women, citing skyrocketing job growth and shriveling crime rates…

Population: 1,408,000  |  Average Home Price: $220,000  |  Precipitation: 5"  |  Snow: 1"

Las Cruces, New Mexico   City of the Sun
Don Juan de Oñate explored this sunny spot in 1598 while searching for the mythical Seven Cities of Gold…

Population: 74,000  |  Average Home Price: $129,000  |  Precipitation: 9"  |  Snow: 6"

Long Beach, California   LA’s Ocean Playground
Thanks in part to the introduction of the Pacific Electric Trolley, this spot became the fastest growing city in America in 1902…

Population: 462,000  |  Average Home Price: $350,000  |  Precipitation: 12"  |  Snow: 0"

Oakland, California   East Bay Living
The area around this now-famous city was once owned by Don Luis Peralta, a Spanish soldier granted the land to help settle and secure it.

Population: 2,392,000  |  Average Home Price: $375,000  |  Precipitation: 18"  |  Snow: 0"

Honolulu, Hawaii   America’s Tropical Paradise
This state capital has long been an important port city; its name is Hawaiian for “protected bay”…

Population: 876,000  |  Average Home Price: $445,000  |  Precipitation: 23"  |  Snow: 0"

Monroe, Louisiana   Twin Cities of the South
This tasty spot is where the first Coca-Cola bottle plant began operations…

Population: 53,000  |  Average Home Price: $140,000  |  Precipitation: 45"  |  Snow: 1"

San Diego, California   California’s First City
This highly livable city is home to one of the finest zoos in the world…

Population: 2,813,000  |  Average Home Price: $375,000  |  Precipitation: 9"  |  Snow: 0"

Orange County, California   Live The California Dream
Home to 42 miles of sandy beaches and some of California’s best known attractions, this spot boasts great surfing, sunning, and sailing…

Population: 2,846,000  |  Average Home Price: $400,000  |  Precipitation: 12"  |  Snow: 0"

Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana   Cities of Three Flags
This spot on Louisiana’s Red River was named for a steam boat captain who cleared a logjam known as the “Great Raft” in the 1830s…

Population: 392,000  |  Average Home Price: $123,000  |  Precipitation: 45"  |  Snow: 0"

Gaithersburg, Maryland   The Park City
This town is home to a “Latitude Observatory” – one of five in the world – built in 1899 to measure the wobble of the earth’s axis…

Population: 53,000  |  Average Home Price: $300,000  |  Precipitation: 40"  |  Snow: 18"

Lafayette (Cajun Country), Louisiana   The Heart of French Louisiana
Settled by French speaking Acadians in the 1700, this heart of French Louisiana is drenched in the cultural traditions of Cajuns and Creoles…

Population: 110,000  |  Average Home Price: $137,000  |  Precipitation: 55"  |  Snow: 0"

Washington, District of Columbia   The World’s Greatest Capital
This most patriotic of American cities was laid out by a French architect…

Population: 572,000  |  Average Home Price: $300,000  |  Precipitation: 39"  |  Snow: 16"

Chico, California   The Almond Kingdom
This area in northern California produces almost one quarter of the world’s almonds…

Population: 60,000  |  Average Home Price: $250,000  |  Precipitation: 26"  |  Snow: 0"

Vista, California   A Picture of Perfection
Amid the rolling coastal hills north of San Diego, this spot is featured in the book 50 Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family

Population: 90,000  |  Average Home Price: $325,000  |  Precipitation: 17"  |  Snow: 0"

Alexandria, Louisiana   The Crossroads of Louisiana
This spot’s restored Kent Plantation House, the oldest structure in central Louisiana, offers open-hearth cooking demonstrations every week…

Population: 46,000  |  Average Home Price: $122,000  |  Precipitation: 54"  |  Snow: 1"

Fayetteville, Arkansas   Light of the Ozarks
Near the University of Arkansas campus, this town’s Dickson Street is filled with lively bistros, night clubs and galleries…

Population: 58,000  |  Average Home Price: $165,000  |  Precipitation: 42"  |  Snow: 10"

Eugene, Oregon   The Emerald City
This Oregon city is home to the Hendricks Park Rhododendron Garden, famous all over the world for its beautiful blossoms…

Population: 138,000  |  Average Home Price: $179,000  |  Precipitation: 48"  |  Snow: 7"

Corvallis, Oregon   Heart of the Willamette Valley
This Oregon city hosts “da Vinci Days,” a festival of unique events revolving around art, science and technology…

Population: 50,000  |  Average Home Price: $185,000  |  Precipitation: 43"  |  Snow: 6"

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